Saturday, May 26, 2012

Car Of The Day: May 26, 2012

Today's car of the day comes from Firehawk73's collection and is GreenLight's 1971 Dodge Charger Super Bee.

The Dodge Super Bee was a limited-production muscle car from Dodge, produced from 1968-1971. The Super Bee model was resurrected for the 2007, 2008 and 2009 model Dodge Charger Super Bee.

For more information and pictures of the real car please visit: Dodge Super Bee

Since the 1971 Coronet was only available in sedan and station wagon versions, the Super Bee model was moved to the Charger platform. Since the Charger already had an R/T muscle car version, the Super Bee was slotted in as the low-priced entry in the line at US$3,271. 5,054 were produced which includes the 22 with the Hemi engine.

The moniker was discontinued until the 2007 Super Bee, which was a Charger SRT-8.
1971 was the first and only year that a small block engine (340 4-bbl) became available in the Super Bee.
Although the 440 Magnum (4-bbl) was not an available option on the Super Bee for 1971, 26 are known to have been built.

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  1. One of the most beautiful cars for me in your collection. Can't believe it's a 1:64