Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Car Of The Day: July 4, 2012

Today's car of the day comes from juantoo3's collection and is Johnny Lightning's 1995 Chrysler Atlantic.

The Chrysler Atlantic was a retro concept car created by Chrysler. It was first shown in the year of 1995. The Atlantic was designed by Bob Hubbach and inspired by the Bugatti Atlantique. The idea for this car began out as a sketch on a napkin by Chrysler's president Bob Lutz in early 1993 and also involved the automaker's chief designer, Tom Gale.
The Atlantic has several similarities to the opulent vehicles of the 1930s such as the aforementioned Bugatti Type 57S Atlantique (or Atlantic). Its styling is also more than a little inspired by the Talbot-Lago T150 SS Coupe that was constructed in 1938, such as the shape of the side windows and the curved boot. Some of the retro details include a straight-8-engine that was actually constructed from two 4-cylinder Dodge Neon engines with an S configuration 4.0 L., which is rarely used in modern cars. Other retro touches to the car's look include the interior that is replete with Art Deco-style gauges. The Atlantic Concept has around 360 horsepower (268.5 kW) and uses Chrysler's Autostick transmission. Riding on a 128-inch (3,251 mm) wheelbase, its front wheels measure 21 inches and 22 inches in the rear — large at that time.

For more information and pictures of the real car please visit: Chrysler Atlantic

Every once in awhile it seems the subject comes up of smoke chrome, and how nice that finish is. On this particular model, it is no less than stunning. I have a carded example I bought new, but Brett recently had this offered and I took him up on it, so now I have a loose one as well.

From the first time I saw photos of the real car, I hoped with all my might that someone at Chrysler would get their heads straight and bring this one to production. Even though it is now quite an old design as cars go, I still think it would be worthwhile. There are not many concept cars that truly blow me away, but this one certainly ranks in the top two or three. I can only think that Chrysler's woes and being bought and sold, what? three times since then?, made this one impossible to bring to production. It is a moot point now, but I can't help but think Cadillac and Lincoln would have had a hard time playing catch up to this if it had be made for the public.

The smoke'n'mirror finish is just icing on the cake for this one! -Wes (juantoo3)

It was one of Chrysler's most popular concept vehicles and has proven popular enough to still make the occasional public appearance.
The Atlantic's popularity has also allowed its overall design and image to be associated as part of both advertising and labeling of packages associated with a variety of automotive car care products, accessories, and electronics.

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