Thursday, August 25, 2011

Car Of The Day: August 25, 2011

Today's car of the day comes from Firehawk73's collection and is Racing Champions' 1995 Honda Civic.

Introduced in July 1991 the fifth generation of the Honda Civic had a more wedge-shaped body and the wheelbase was increased to 257 cm (101.3 inches) for the two-door hatchback and 262 cm (103.2 inches) for the four-door sedan. The wagon was also dropped for overseas markets, while the previous generation station wagon continued in Japan. This generation of Civic used lightweight materials to create a fuel efficient economy car. In addition, vehicles with the 1.6L SOHC VTEC 125 PS (92 kW; 123 hp) engines such as the Si hatchback and EX coupe models found in the United States, provoked popularity of the (relatively) high performance 1.6L I4 segment. In South Africa a unique model with the B18B3 from the Acura Integra RS was specially built to fill the gap left by the absence of the DOHC B16A VTEC engine in the range.

For more information and pictures of the real car please visit: Honda Civic

I seem to recall Racing Champions issuing this one as a 1995 model, but the Internet Movie Car Database lists it as a 1993.  There was a facelift in 1994 , but the changes were minor (the most drastic was the rear spoiler, which unfortunately isn't factory on either the movie car or the diecast replica)

Trims available in the two-door coupe body style (introduced in 1993) were the DX (EJ2) and EX (EJ1) for the United States Domestic Market (USDM), and the DX, DX "Special Edition" (EJ2) and Si (EJ1) for the Canadian Domestic Market (CDM).

DX: The DX was the base model equipped with all-manual features, driver's side door mirror, rear defroster and power brakes. The 1995 Canadian-only DX "Special Edition" added an AM/FM cassette player, wheelcovers, center armrest console, clock, power steering and dual power mirrors.

EX/Si: The USDM EX/CDM Si included an AM/FM cassette player and upgraded sound system, cruise control, wheelcovers on 14-inch (360 mm) wheels, clock, 9K tachometer with 7.2K RPM redline, power steering and dual body-coloured power mirrors, with the USDM EX also receiving power locks and windows.

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