Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Car Of The Day: August 9, 2011

Today's car of the day is Hot Wheels' 2001 Toyota RSC concept car.

The Toyota RSC ("Rugged Sport Coupe") was a Toyota 2-door SUV concept car that was first shown at the February 2001 Chicago Auto Show.

The RSC was designed by Calty as a 'pure concept vehicle', with no intention to go into production but to 'connect emotionally with young buyers'. Design cues came from rally cars used in the World Rally Championships, with functional lines, a lack of luxury features and 'designed to convey the sparse, functional simplicity of a race car'. The RSC was based on the RAV4.

The RSC was never made into a production vehicle.

For more information and pictures of the real car please visit: Toyota RSC

Toyota apparently thought the idea of a 4x4 sports car was interesting, but not economically viable.  Oddly enough, Matchbox plans on introducing a generic 4x4 sports car to their line for 2012.  It was a bad idea for Toyota and it will be a bad idea for Matchbox too...

Where do I begin on this one?  The atomic orange glass?  I'll let Ivan tear that part to shreds.  The white tires?  No, this isn't a White Lightning wannabe, but instead this is supposed to be an ice racer.  Apparently racing on ice turns your tires completely white, including the rims!  It's not even a great casting- it seems the taillights are completely missing.

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