Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SUV of the Day:September 28, 2011

The SUV for today is Hot Wheels' Land Rover MK II.

The Land Rover Series I, II, and III (commonly referred to as "Series" Land Rovers, to distinguish them from later models) are off-road vehicles produced by the British manufacturer Land Rover that were inspired by the US-built Willys Jeep. In 1992 Land Rover claimed that 70% of all the vehicles they had ever built were still in use.
Series models feature leaf-sprung suspension with selectable two or four-wheel drive, the Stage 1 featured permanent 4WD. All 3 models could be started with a front hand crank and had the option of a rear power takeoff for accessories.

The successor to the successful Series I was the Series II, which saw a production run from 1958 to 1961. It came in 88 in (2,200 mm) and 109 in (2,800 mm) wheelbases (normally referred to as the 'SWB' and 'LWB'). This was the first Land Rover to receive the attention of Rover's styling department- Chief Stylist David Bache produced the familiar 'barrel side' waistline to cover the vehicle's wider track and the improved design of the truck cab variant, introducing the curved side windows and rounded roof still used on current Land Rovers. The Series II was the first vehicle to use the well-known 2.25 litre petrol engine, although early short wheelbase (SWB) models retained the 52 hp (39 kW) 2.0 litre petrol engine from the Series I for the first 1,500 or so vehicles. This larger petrol engine produced 72 hp (54 kW) and was closely related to the 2.0 litre diesel unit still in use. This engine became the standard Land Rover unit until the mid-1980s when diesel engines became more popular.

Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Land_Rover_Series#Series_II to learn more.

Yet another sweet flea market find for under a dollar! How about that! I knew by looking at past posts and from South Texas Diecast that this was an older Corgi casting. It was only used once in the HW line and that's it. Looks nice with five spokes and the electric company theme. Shame this one didn't see more releases through the years.

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