Thursday, February 23, 2012

School Bus Of The Day: February 23, 2012

Today's car of the day comes from Firehawk73's collection and is Matchbox's 2009 Thomas Minotour (GMC).

Happy 4th birthday, Jacob!  Very soon you'll be riding on one of these on a daily basis.

For more information and pictures of the real car please visit: Thomas Minotour

The Minotour is a Type A school bus built by Thomas Built Buses, introduced in 1980. It is available in several different configurations, with seating capacity up to 30 passengers in the largest models.

The Minotour is available in two configurations: single and dual rear wheels. There are several length variations available, but the longest (Minotour EL) is only available on Ford chassis. GM offers 2 gasoline engines and a diesel engine, while Ford-chassis Minotours are available only with gasoline engines.

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