Friday, April 6, 2012

Truck of the Day : April 7, 2012

The truck for today is the Zylmex 1976 Ford Courier California Stepside.

When it was introduced it came standard with a 1.8 liter overhead cam engine, which produced 74HP at 5000rpm, and 92ftlbs at 3500rpm. A 4 speed manual transmission was standard. The body styling, especially the front grill, was designed to reflect the styling of the F-series lineup of the time, so it obviously looked like a little Ford Truck

Retro Zylmex models offered a unique side to diecast back in the 1980s. This Courier is no exception with custom dual exhaust stacks, stepside bed and wild stickers. My guess is this model is a California Stepside of which only a few were made. Apparently when you bought a new Courier the dealer would offer to replace the stock bed with one of a Chevy Luv. A Chevy bed on a Ford truck. Yup, that's messed up

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