Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SUV Of The Day: June 20, 2012

Today's car of the day comes from Dean-O-mite's collection and is Konami's 2004 Subaru Forester XT.

The Subaru Forester is a crossover manufactured since 1997 by Fuji Heavy Industries and sold under the Subaru brand. Available in Japan from 1997, the Forester shares its platform with the Impreza. It was introduced in 1997 as a compact crossover SUV. After ten years of production, it grew to a mid-size crossover SUV.

The second generation was introduced in 2003, based on the new Impreza platform, featuring several fine-tune improvements over the past model. The 2003 Forester features weight-saving refinements such as an aluminum hood, perforated rails, and a hydro-formed front sub-frame. The most noticeable change was the offering of 2.5 L versions (normally aspirated and turbocharged) and in the U.S. the introduction of the turbo charged 2.5L model.

For more information and pictures of the real car please visit: Subaru Forester

This is the only casting of the Forester in small-scale (it also comes painted in metallic burgundy). It was offered by Konami in a short-lived series called "J Owners Collection," which were intended as toys for kids instead of the collector pieces Konami is more traditionally known for here. The Forester is about 1/60 scale, instead of the smaller, true 1/64 of the collector/trading series, and of course, the opening doors and bouncy suspension are fun even for an adult, and were never offered on the higher-end models.

In the U.S., in 2003, a turbocharged Forester, the XT, was released alongside the naturally aspirated X and XS in the United States as a 2004 model. However, the same model had been available since the late 1990s elsewhere in the world. The X and XS models feature a 2.5 L SOHC engine, while the XT model features a 2.5 L turbocharged DOHC engine. Both engines have timing belt driven camshafts. The XT model uses the same Mitsubishi TD04 turbocharger used in the Subaru Impreza WRX. The engine in the 2004 to 2005 Forester XT is the EJ255. Those seeking additional power for their Forester XT can replace the turbocharger and intercooler with used STI components which are readily available. All Forester 2.5 L engines are of the interference engine type.

MY03-04 Models has a 4-Star ANCAP safety rating MY05 Forester Model had a mid-life update. The update increased its ANCAP safety rating to 5 Stars.

In 2006, the turbocharged engine (powering the Forester XT) was awarded International Engine of the Year. This engine is also used in the Subaru Impreza WRX, as well as the re-badged Saab 9-2X.

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