Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Minivan Of The Day: March 29, 2011

Today's car of the day is Hot Wheels' 1990 Chevrolet Lumina APV.

The Chevrolet Lumina APV was a minivan produced by General Motors for the 1990 to 1996 model years. In 1994 the APV was dropped from the name to make the name more consistent with the cars, and it was simply known as Lumina or Lumina Minivan. It is similar to the Pontiac Trans Sport and Oldsmobile Silhouette. In the Chevrolet van lineup, it slotted between the rear-wheel drive entry-level Astro minivan and the Chevy Van.

For more information and pictures of the real car please visit: Chevrolet Lumina APV

There's a little bit of irony here.  The "Dustbuster Minivan" is in dire need of a real Dustbuster...or maybe a Plymouth Feather Duster.  If you view the larger image of the overhead picture, you can see the black paint is having some issues.  Likewise, this one could stand for some better detailing- especially on the back.

General Motors' first attempt at producing a minivan to compete with the Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager, the Chevrolet Astro and its twin, the GMC Safari, failed to make a noticeable dent in Chrysler's almost total dominance of the minivan market in the late eighties, so this second attempt was made.

The Lumina APV was introduced as part of a proposed full line of Chevrolet Lumina vehicles that in the end, included The Lumina Coupe, Lumina Euro Coupe, Lumina Z34 Coupe, Lumina Sedan, Lumina Euro Sedan and Lumina APV Minivan. The "APV" designation stood for "All Purpose Vehicle" and while the vehicle itself was certainly versatile and featured many innovative features, the unusual space age design failed to resonate with many potential minivan buyers. Consumers were ultimately confused by having two different vehicles share the same name as well, so the successor to the Lumina APV was the Chevrolet Venture.
The vehicle shared the unibody frame, and componentry with the GM A platform.

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