Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tractor of the Week:March 10-16, 2011

The Agco Allis 6670 by ERTL is the tractor for this week.

Built beginning in 1991, the 6670 featured a 70 hp four cylinder diesel engine.

They cost $40,000 new in the last year of production in 1999. It featured a sychromesh transmission with 16 forward and reverse gears.

With a wheelbase less than 95" and a weight less than 7,000 pounds, the 6670 is a compact tractor designed for smaller jobs.

ERTL produced the 1/64 item shown in 1992. Like the 1/1 tractors, it was offered in row crop, dual wheels and a version with front wheel assist - 4x4. I found this one at a toy show in Kansas, IL in the winter of 2010 for less than $5. It was still new in the blister and was one orange model that was absent from my collection.

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