Wednesday, May 11, 2011

JL Is Considering Adding Tomicas To Their Line- Some Suggestions

I would love to see Tomicas in the JL line!  I think that they'd be a better fit than most people think they would be.

Now, if the question came up to cast one of these, from scratch, I would think very few of these would be worth doing.  But for castings that already exist, are owned by the corporate parent, and look good?  It would be crazy not to take advantage of this opportunity.

Vintage Japanese cars are becoming more popular.  You can't go wrong with Z cars, Celicas & Supras, RX-7s, and Civics.  I think the Import Heat line failed because we didn't have the right mix of cars (and to be fair, some of them had awful graphics).  In addition, Tomica has a nice selection of classic and modern cars from around the world.  I assume Tomica intends to market their current range as Tomicas in the USA, so I've intentionally skipped anything that's in the current line-up.

Toyota Celica Supra

Dodge Coronet both Hazzard and Chickasaw County schemes, please!  I would also LOVE a stock version!

Jaguar XJ-S

Mazda Cosmo/RX-5

1st generation Toyota Celica

1st generation Mazda RX-7

Honda Prelude

Honda Civic Country

Jeep Wrangler

Mitsubishi Starion

The powerful Mach 5!

1976 Cadillac Fleetwood

Honda Civic

1986 Toyota Celica


Cadillac Ambulance

Ford Model T

Other castings not shown:

Oldsmobile Toronado XSR
Ford Mustang II notchback
Toyota AE86
Toyota Supra MK IV
Last generation Mazda RX-7
Nissan/Datsun Z-Cars
Mazda RX-8
Austin Mini Cooper
BMW 320i

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