Saturday, May 14, 2011

Truck Of The Day: May 14, 2011

Today's car of the day is Efsi's 1965 Mercedes-Benz LPS.

Makro is a (originally) Dutch chain of Warehouse clubs, also called cash and carries. The first one opened in 1968 in Amsterdam. In the following years more stores opened in the Netherlands and in several other countries within Europe. In the 1970s and 1980s Makro extended its business to the Americas and Asia. Makro later closed its North American sites, however. The stores are not open to the general public, only to businesses which must be registered members in order to gain entry to the store.

For more information and pictures of the real car please visit: Makro

Another hard one to find information on- so instead I offer information on Makro, the brand this truck is hauling for.

Makro sells both food and non-food products, usually located in different sections of the store. Each store also contains a hot-food cafeteria, and a cash machine.

The food half always includes an in-store bakery, a wine section, fresh meat & butchery department, and refrigerated aisles. The non-food half includes clothing, DIY, jewellery, office supplies, electricals, computing, and seasonals, such as garden furniture.

Special offers are featured via a printed and online fortnightly brochure known as Makro Mail.
The stores are not open to the general public, but serve the following sectors:

-Traders, such as newsagents and convenience stores.
-Caterers, such as restaurants and hotels.
-Complementary business users, such as doctor's surgeries, schools, universities, sport clubs and associations.
-Customers can shop at Makro with a membership card.

Makro UK used to have the tag-line "The UK's No.1 Discounter". This tag-line was replaced with "For Professionals". Makro has subsequently changed this to "Your business partner everyday".
Recent changes to the Makro UK structure include the closure of three stores; Wolverhampton, Coventry and Swansea. Metro have announced that the company has to be financially independent by 2011.

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