Monday, October 1, 2012

Car Of The Day: October 1, 2012

Today's car of the day comes from juantoo3's collection and is Hot Wheels' 1914 Ford Model T (Hot Heap).

1964 AMBR award winner, the famous King T designed and built by Don Tognotti and Gene Winfield represents the 60's like no other roadster. Began in July of '62 and finished in '64, the King T has been restored with exacting standards to the original. The custom tubular frame with independent rear suspension and '51 coil springs for the front have been fully restored to the original over the top chrome presentation. The original engine, fully rebuilt and dynoed, features gleaming metal flake paint. Presented in its prime for the show circuit with Hilborn injectors, the King T is currently fitted with a Carter AFB 500 carburetor. Hydro-matic transmission shifts with linkage run through the spark and advance controls on the steering column. Interior features the period pleated and button tufted design, along with the original chest seen in display materials. Original rims re-created to duplicate the wood spoke look favored by Tognotti. Painted in Wild Pearl Lavender by Gene Winfield in 1963, Gene was asked to re-create the original paint. In 2007, Winfield flew to Seattle and painted and remembered times with the King T. Full photo documentation. The King T is famous for wild styling and over the top chroming. Also sold as a model known as Tognotti's T the Grand Sweepstakes winner at Winter Nationals Auto Fair and the Oakland Roadster Show became famous later as Hot Heaps, the Hot Wheels version of Don Tognotti's dream. Accompanied by original documentation from Gene Winfield's personal collection, MPC model kits, magazines, display material and the 1964 AMBR Trophy rebuilt to a more manageable size.

For more information and pictures of the real car please visit: Tognotti's King T

Hot Heap, redline Hot Wheel, based on Tognotti's T, America's Most Beautiful Roadster Award winner...1914 Ford Model T custom, made in the USA.

These pics show how it looks now with some fresh shoes and some tweaking of the bent axles. Brown, while not a rare color, is considered scarce and is one of the more desireable spectraflame colors for this model. The bent windshield is factory stock, they came from Mattel this way for a time one year. Rumor is that there was a problem with the machine, but since the cars were still *believeable* (sellable), they continued making them for awhile before repairing the machine. Most Hot Heaps have straight windshields. -juantoo3

It looks as if this car was recently sold at Barrett-Jackson.  And what a stunning looking roadster!  The Hot Wheels model doesn't do it justice, especially not in this color.  I want to see them bring this one back in the correct lavender.  What a stunning car!

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