Thursday, October 11, 2012

Car of the Day:October 12, 2012

Today's Car of the Day is from Jedimario's collection and is the Kyosho Ferrari 458. The body was designed by Pininfarina, as with all recent Ferrari models. The car’s exterior styling and features were designed for aerodynamic efficiency, producing a downforce of 140 kg (309 lb) at 124 miles per hour (200 km/h). In particular, the front grille features deformable winglets that lower at high speeds, in order to offer reduced drag.[11] The car's interior was designed using input from former Ferrari Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher, including a new steering wheel design which incorporates many features and controls as opposed to their being on the dashboard, similar to racing car designs.
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A non-Hot Wheels Ferrari die-cast from the last decade? Kyosho has gotten around the exclusive licensing in the same manner that Maisto did. While this car was marketed and even packaged like Kyosho's normal line, the car arrived partially disassembled and included a small screwdriver. You had to set the seats in the interior, the wheels and interior in the base, and then screw the base to the body to get the product you see here. All in all, perfectly fine, as the end result is just as professional looking as your typical high quality die-cast. When I first saw pictures of this car, I was shocked. It looked like a spaceship. I've now gotten used to seeing it (if you can ever get used to seeing such a thing) and the effect has worn off, but it's still a radical design. Check out those exhaust tips! Very glad to have it in yellow, the other Ferrari color. It suits the car quite nicely and isn't red like most of them are.

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