Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Car Of The Day: October 9, 2012

Today's CotD is Johnny Lightning's 1993 GMC Typhoon from Jedimario's collection.

Both the GMC Syclone and Typhoon trucks featured a Mitsubishi TD06-17C/8 cm2 turbocharger and Garrett Water/Air intercooler attached to a 4.3 L LB4 V6 intake manifolds, fuel system, exhaust manifolds, and a 48mm twin-bore throttle body from the 5.7 L GM Small-Block engine. All Syclones and Typhoons had a GM 700R4 transmission (4L60) 4-speed automatic transmission and a BorgWarner 1372 (Syclone)/4472 (Typhoon) transfer case splitting torque with 35% forward and 65% to the rear wheels. Both trucks featured all-wheel drive, upgraded brakes, and sport modifications to the standard suspensions. Unlike the Syclone, the Typhoon featured an air-operated self-leveling rear suspension. Output was officially 280 hp (209 kW) and 360 lb·ft (488 N·m), but some stock Typhoons have been measured at over 300 hp (224 kW) on a dynamometer.

For more info on the real truck: GMC Typhoon

Where to begin with this excellent vehicle?  GM, in a rare, rare stroke of brilliance, took the otherwise boring Jimmy and turned it into something insane.  These trucks had a lot of power for any type of car when they were produced, and were among the fastest production vehicles you could buy.  And they were trucks!  The speed didn't come cheap, they retailed for about $30,000, but the truck remains fast even by today's standards.  It's one of my favorite recent JL castings, well done and the subject matter is exactly what I like to see.  Matte black may not be the best for it, but I really dig the wheels.

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