Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Car Of The Day: October 10, 2012

Today's Car of the Day comes from jedimario's collection and is Welly's SA Mazda RX-7.

Series 1 (1978–1980) is commonly referred to as the "SA22C" from the first alphanumerics of the vehicle identification number. This series of RX-7 had exposed steel bumpers and a high-mounted indentation-located license plate, called by Werner Buhrer of Road & Track magazine a "Baroque depression." In Japan it was introduced in March 1978, replacing the Savanna RX-3.

For more info on the real car, click here.

Ah, the first-first generation RX-7.  Perhaps not a widely known fact, this car got a moderate update for 1981, so the earliest cars are a bit different and much more rare.  This is the lightest RX-7, weighing in at 2,300lbs (about a hundred less than the refreshed '81).  Doesn't sound like much, but when you're only making 100hp at the flywheel it makes a difference.  At least that little bit of power was delivered as smoothly as possible from the 1.1L rotary motor.

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