Thursday, October 11, 2012

Car of the Day:October 11, 2012

Today's Car of the Day is from Jedmimario's collection and is the Hot Wheels' 1970 Toyota Celica GT. Displayed at the October 1970 Tokyo Motor Show[3] and marketed in December of the same year, the Celica was a personal car that emphasized styling and driving enjoyment. Japanese models were ET, LT, ST, GT, and GTV (which was introduced in 1972, the V standing for Victory). The platform was shared with the Toyota Carina, a vehicle exclusive to Toyota Store Japanese dealerships. For export markets, the Celica was offered in three different levels of trim; LT, ST and GT.
For more information about the real car check out
This is the latest from what is probably my favorite theme in the current Hot Wheels line: 70-80s Japanese sports cars. This one, similar to this others, is done up in period racing modifications with exaggerated fender flares and a low front spoiler. Distinctly, though, it retains factory trim and decals. A great little model with jeweled lights. The proportions aren't quite perfect and the wheels on the large size, but the casting gets the job and has loads of charm.

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