Saturday, July 16, 2011

Car of the Day: July 16, 2011g

Today's car of the day is a Tomica (Tomy) 2009 Subaru Legacy B4

The fifth-generation Subaru Legacy was originally unveiled as a concept car at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the model, and the production version was introduced at the 2009 New York International Auto Show. Production of the fifth generation started on 29 May 2009.

For more information on the Subaru Lagacy B4 here is the link:

A number of design traditions have ended with the fifth generation. The side windows are no longer frameless, ending a Subaru tradition started with the first generation Leone in the early 1970s. On wagons, the "D" pillar is no longer covered in glass. The parking light switch traditionally installed on top of the steering wheel column has also been removed, with Subaru using conventional headlight electrics, meaning if the headlights are left on when the engine is turned off, the headlights remain on unless the automatic headlight feature switch position is being used. An engine coolant temperature gauge is no longer offered, replaced by a fuel economy gauge instead that gives estimates in either miles per gallon or kilometers per liter based on regional requirements where the vehicle is sold. When the engine temperature is below normal, an indicator light shines blue and when the engine is overheating, the light turns red. Using the key to unlock the drivers door after locking the vehicle with the remote will set off the security system; the vehicle must be unlocked with the remote, a tradition going back to the second generation when remote keyless access was introduced.

The manual parking brake handle located between the front passenger seats has been replaced with an electric parking brake switch installed on the dashboard next to the driver's door. The term "Hill Holder" has returned but is now integrated with the electric parking brake. VDC is now standard on all models currently offered internationally. The vehicle has also added safety technologies such as Electronic Stability Control, Brake Assist, and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution to the list of standard features. The external "Limited" badge, introduced in 1998, has been retired on North American vehicles, and if the vehicle has the 3.6 L six cylinder engine, the rear of the vehicle has a "3.6R" badge applied on the bottom right side. If the vehicle has the diesel engine, a badge that says "Boxer Diesel" is installed on the middle right rear side of the vehicle. Gasoline turbocharged vehicles can be visually identified with a front hood (bonnet) installed air scoop and symmetrical dual exhaust pipes below the rear bumper.

Subaru introduced improvements to the chassis, that they call Dynamic Chassis Control Concept, which uses high-tensile steel in critical areas to achieve high strength with lighter weight. The front-end structure introduces Cradle Mount that isolates the suspension and engine from the passenger compartment for a smoother and quieter ride using rubber mounts. New for this generation is a double wishbone rear suspension, with all suspension links and the rear differential isolated from the rear subframe with large rubber mounts to minimize noise and vibration intruding into the passenger compartment.

I had at least show off one of my recent Tomys. I have very few Tomicas in my collection and they have been bought here recently with the playsets that they have. Out of the few this particular one has impressed me. Not a big fan of Subaru cars in general or this particular model but Tomica did an excellent job at capturing the look of this car in small diecast. Normally any recent new model cars just appear the same as any other new model car in diecast and sometimes in the 1:1 versions too...LOL My hat is off to them at making this one a unique looking car compared to all the other clones that are out there.

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